Empyrean: The Epic of Raiden

Who are you?
Hello everyone! I’m Hector Gonzalez author of Empyrean: The Epic of Raiden, our topic for today.

What is it?
Empyrean: The Epic of Raiden was the first book I wrote. The details of the process are given in my Bio.

What’s in it?
Empyrean is a series based on no other work but my own. It is a completely original idea borrowing only facts from history, science, and metaphysics while keeping the old school battle system which everyone loves so much. Swords! Lots and lots of bad ass swords!

Just swords?
Of course if there were only swords, it’d be a bit boring, so it gets switched up sometimes. For example, one of the main characters, Drakkon, uses two long axes. Yeah, he’s strong like that. But then again, you can only go so far with that. Anyway you look at it, a sword is just a sword…which is why I also implemented the second all time favorite type of battle…Magic! Lots and lots of bad ass magic!

Don’t worry, it’s not Deja vu. With magic, not only people become able to do things unimaginable, but so do their weapons. The defining element of the Empyrean series are the weapons. Everyone has a bad ass look, a few bad ass forms, and lots of bad ass abilities.

What about enemies?
Toss in a multitude of bad ass baddies and your got yourself one bad ass adventure. If you could describe this story in two words, you’d know which ones to use.

Sounds normal…
This story has lots of action, lots of plot twists and “little things” which I greatly appreciate like in Animal Crossing for DS where you turn on a computer only to realize that the sound used is the AOL 3.0 log on noise. Little things like that can make a story that much more enjoyable if you can catch them, but the best thing about the Empyrean series is the composition.

Sigh…How long is it?
The first story consists of only 212 pages. How can it be so bad ass and be so short!? I’ll tell you! I myself thought I hated reading, though I found that it wasn’t the reading I hated, it was the tedious task of reading.

Yes, really. Authors stuff books full of useless descriptions and over excessive explanations for something you can say with one sentence, just three words even. I figured that if I was turned off to reading for that reason, so everyone else would be, too.

Really Really?
Mhm! That’s why each of the Empyrean books gets straight to the point, giving explanations only when needed, and using details only once or twice through out the story to give the reader a “view” of things.

After that, the rest if left to the imagination of the reader who will remember and “see” things the way they want to, the way it should be.

Will I like it?
If you enjoy video games, Anime, swords, magic, dungeons and dragons, bad assness, and/or awesome stories that will stick in your mind once your close the book, then you’ll love
Empyrean: The Epic of Raiden
now available online everywhere, and the stories after it.

The link doesn’t send you to a “buy the book page”, but to one of it’s information pages so you can see what it’s about. The locations to buy are there too if you feel like it. I’m not going to force you to look at it.

Check it out quick because the sequel will be available soon! In fact I recommend that you buy it at the cheapest place possible! BN if you’re a member, or Amazon.com, and tell your friends who’d be interested. If you don’t like it, feel free to complain and leave a bad ass flame my blog. You have my permission.

The Epic of Raiden

The Epic of Raiden


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